Innovation is a mindset!


Topics: Corporate entrepreneurship, innovation culture, strategy, intrapreneurship

Dr Dave Richards is a truly inspirational and highly engaging speaker, and globally recognized thought and practice leader on the intersection of ‘hard stuff’ like strategy, innovation and leadership, and ‘soft stuff’, like people, psychology, culture, communication and engagement. An experienced and successful serial innovator, entrepreneur and master strategist, he is cofounder and honorary lifetime member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Innovation Lab; honorary visiting Fellow with the Faculty of Management, Cass Business School, City University, London; Fellow of the Institute of Directors; and Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures & Commerce. Previously Dave served as a globally responsible senior executive with multinational leaders such as Oracle Corporation and Nortel Networks, where he led the creation of $ Billions of shareholder value.

Now, through his company Dr Dave Innovation Ltd (, he supports enterprises and entrepreneurs creating and building value through a unique, powerful, strategic approach to leading innovation that is reflected in his highly acclaimed new book, available on Amazon or from leading business publisher, Palgrave Macmillan. According to Roger Lacey, former Chief Strategy Officer of 3M, “The Seven Sins of Innovation: A Strategic Model for Entrepreneurship elevates the thinking on this crucial subject to the highest level. It sets Dave’s book alongside the best writing on this subject anywhere.” His second book (same publisher, 2015 release) dives deeper into the realm of the stakeholder relationships that define enterprises, where innovation lives or dies based on interpersonal psychology, mindsets and behaviors. If you’d like to inspire more out of-the-box thinking, intrapreneurship, all kinds of innovation (product, marketing, service, etc.), or lasting cultural change, Dr Dave is definitely the speaker for your event!

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