We believe people are the key to successful innovation.
We put the mindset and skills of
the innovator at the center.

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Educate, Guide and Connect

Gain the skills, create the mindset and build the ecosystems you need to create new business. We offer you the right coaching, training and organizational design. In a startup way, with startup spirit.

Workshops and trainings

We equip individuals and teams with the practical knowledge and mindset needed to build a successful business, the lean startup way. The courses balance theoretical principles with guided hands-on workshops. More on

Innovation Coaches globally

We offer experienced coaches, trainers and speakers over the globe. If you’re running an innovation program and need support, we have got a coach for you. Need a trainer or speaker? Startup Spirit represents some of the most influential experts in innovation that cover a wide range of topics.


Get inspired and connected at the unique and energizing startup events we organize. Think of Bootcamps, Clinics, Startup Networking and Inspiring talks. Doing business is all about getting out of the building and meeting new clients and partners. 

Innovation Projects

We support corporates, governments, and startups in shaping the conditions for an organization to drive entrepreneurship and innovation. For instance we deliver incubation-as-a-service. 


Not technology, but the human skills and mindset will drive growth



Startup Spirit offers four different kinds of coach support. We have an experienced coachpool, we deliver training & workshops for your team and mid- and long-term coaching to make sure they innovate most effectively.

Global Coachpool

Experienced innovation coaches can be hard to find. Finding the right innovation coaches is even a bigger challenge! At Startup Spirit we have access to an international pool of experienced coaches that will help you make your innovation projects a great success.

Develop your team

We coach teams to help them check their assumptions faster with Lean Startup. We are entrepreneurs to serve your company and your products. New or existing. If you have formed an innovation team working on a new product, we can support it for a period of 3 to 6 months1 to 2 days a week, on site and online.

Train-the-Trainer and -Coach

Our coaches are also trainers, they transfer how to use tools and methods to innovate. Our train-the-trainer programs are designed to develop your own in-house innovation trainers. They will learn new skills from some of the most experienced innovators.

Incubation as service

We offer an incubation-as-a-service. An innovation program for a period of 3 to 6 months. This service is a combination of training and coaching, both onsite and online.







Gemeente Maastricht
Digital Hub Aachen

See what our client Vebego experienced at a bootcamp we did as a kick-off for their innovation program.


For who?



Steve Blank


Startup Events

We organize startup events and educational programs for startups and entrepreneurs to improve and create better startup ecosystems. We help the best startups emerge from their local ecosystems and scale up by connecting them to corporates and governments.


Web, Wurst, Windmills and Waffles

We organize this startup event in Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands. Web, Wurst, Windmills and Waffles is an event for local startup communities in a unique off-the grid setting


Backed by the European Commission, these yearly conferences called ‘Failing Forward’ and local events across Europe, aim at changing the fear of failure in Europe, and help entrepreneurs move forward to success.


We organize workshops that educate and inspire (see courses). We incite and explain companies and cities how startups and startups communities work.



" Passion leads to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship leads to new business, new business leads to succes! "
Startup Spirit Team

We provide our services in English, German, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish.

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