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Our experts help you to....

Find the Talent

In and outside your organization

Your innovation needs experienced innovators, designers, business builders, and hackers tomorrow. We identify, connect, and empower talent in- and outside your organization. We have a global qualified expert pool of freelancers.

Develop the skills

Learning and Development

We believe in learning through action and collaboration. We have created a learning experience, that fosters an innovation culture and drives business outcomes in a personalized, continuous Learning Experience.

the Mindset

Performance Coaching

All is in the execution of innovation to create a new venture. Guidance is key to make the right choices. Being an innovator is exciting but also challenging. Your coach helps you to stay happy and healthy.

Go OnTrek


We offer toolkits, virtual coaches and  Innovation Academies. Are products are  designed to get you in a flow to learn, develop and share innovation experiences. Work with ready made expert content, tools and guides. Customize these tools with your own brand, content and custom features.

GO Mexam

On site and online. We get together in one place and work with you. Everywhere and anywhere  you can work together with coaches and experts on our unique online platform

Why work with us?

This is personal and practical

Every organization is different. For one, building a sustainable future could mean creating a new, disruptive digital product. For another, it could be a radical rethink of the way they work. We focus on the individual learning journey, so you gain innovative power. Instead of betting on one idea, you invest in your people.

Discover hidden treasures

Dig out golden employees and diamond ideas. Our battered experts grow the entrepreneurial skills and mindset of talent. We believe it is the only way to sustainable innovation.

Make change happen! Now!

We are hungry and want impact as soon as possible. In times we massive changes in the world we do believe speed is key.

Engage and develop capabilities to get critical work done.

Experiential Learning

Practical learning through sharp training experiences with immediate application. A mix of online and offline learning resources to make your learning both personal and productive.


We believe that skills are important, the key to success however is to have the right mindset. The more things change, the more culture matters.

Global Ecosystem

We provide you with access to a global ecosystem of over 200 innovation experts, startups, designers, developers, venture builders.


Our services are flexible and customized to your needs to meet the fluctuating demand in time and place. We offer a wide arrange of qualified coaches and trainers.

Who we are

Empower innovators with the skills and tools to make a real impact

We are a global collective of innovation catalysts that equip forward-thinking companies with the spirit, ecosystem and skills to adapt and grow in the face of new technologies, business models, and an ever-changing marketplace.
We are ready to make real impact, are you ready for us?

our vision


Let’s start changing the way we work with innovation talent 

We are passionate about innovators as catalysts for a better society and for enterprises to drive more value. We have been meeting and working with intrapreneurs and innovators across industries and the drive to create structural lasting change is contagious. We want to learn, share knowledge, and drive more value with you.

All too often, initiatives fail when tools and methods are adopted without the proper mindset. It’s hard to find entrepreneurial talent and experts, and it’s even harder to hang on to them. We bring innovative talent solutions that will grow the startup spirit in your business.

Like-minded workers gravitate towards each other, aided by technology platforms. Collaboration is key, with individuals coming together to work on projects or to deliver on an idea – for as long as it takes.

Startup Spirits helps innovators to create scale when needed, remain current and build trust in their services. Our innovators have a strong sense of identity, with individuals seeing themselves as members of their profession. They identify with each other because of their particular skills set, interests and goals. (PWC – Workforce of the Future)


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“You may be hiring us, and that may be your name on the check, but we do not work for you. We’re coming in to solve a problem, because we believe it needs to be solved, and it’s worth solving. But we work for the people being affected by that problem. Our job is to look out for them because they’re not in the room. And we will under no circumstances design anything that puts those people at risk.”

Mike Monteiro

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