Innovation is all about people. Unlock the crucial skills and mindsets and become future-fit with our coaching. 


supporting them to sustainable innovation and growth

Learn how to grow true innovation with our expert coaches

Do you feel stuck?  Offer your people not just a job but a career that inspires, guides and upskills them to shape tomorrow’s business in a sustainable and practical way.

Waste of time and money

Strategy and culture

Most innovation efforts don't really make impact. Make your people want to innovate and deliver real results. We create the right innovation journeys and build the future organizational engine with you. ‪So you lead your people to grow.

Low engagement

Skills and mindset

Lack of the right skills and mindset are a root cause for innovation not flourishing. A lack of learning & development is a key reason for talent to leave. With our state of the art content and formats it becomes easy to create tailored innovation learning experiences to attract and keep your talent.

Struggle to retain and attract talent


You can not keep and attract the right talent? Your innovators expect their employers to provide them with stimulating and fulfilling career paths. Organizations simply lack this. Become a leader, and shape engaging career experiences and you will win the best talent.

Your only competitive advantage is your learning speed, and traditional methods can not fix that.

 True innovation requires a certain mindset and culture, which can only be grown and delivered with the skills and profiles required. On-the-job coaching has a 7 fold return on investment.

Learn from the best

Our courses are created by subject-experts drawing together the best content. Curated the best videos, podcasts and articles to provide varied and rewarding learning experiences. We make sense out of the tsunami of information, and help you put it to practice in your job. With coaching and collaboration at its core, you benefit from the insights of those around you and get answers to your questions from the experts themselves.


We help you find the blind spots and help you develop what really makes an impact in a world full of noise.  We help innovators to reduce complexity, build confidence and make better decisions faster with the mindset and skills required to become future-fit.

Regular coaching

Regular coaching sessions with one of the world’s leading innovation coaches. You can pick your own coach and switch whenever you like.

Develop the skills

Choose micro-learnings and tools from an extensive library to enhance your learning. And why not attend one of our onsite workshops to learn and connect?

Get things done

Chat with your coach to share and reflect on thoughts, insights, and experiences. But also, leverage their knowledge and network to immediately get things done.

Your Bonus Coach

Our Videobot is an AI-powered coach, who helps you shape your own learning journey.

Test our videobot

The Most Powerful Innovation Coaching and Career Platform

On-site and online. We get together in one place and work with you. Everywhere and anywhere you can work together with coaches and experts on our unique online platform. The real magic can’t be expressed in a minute. We know that sometimes seeing is believing. Book your brief tour of our platform.

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A big bold
mindset reset

An 80% of learning is forgotten within 2 weeks

Traditional learning is ineffective, definitely when it comes to innovation. It neither takes care of the real impact on the job, if and how it is applied. Coaching does that job. Our high-impact coaching is a mix of training and coaching as you see in sports. We need to shift our ideas of learning and focus more on careers.

More attractive careers

You become more interesting as an employer and employee.

Increase innovation

Your innovation and creative power grows significantly

Learn faster

Learn faster and better. You will grow in both business and person.

Simple and Impactful

Our solution is the most straightforward and simple solution. That is what makes it strong.

Lead or lag? Let’s take the next step to sparking innovation in your people

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Why work with us?

We’re on a mission to empower innovators to drive positive change in and outside organizations. The future of business comes from people as much as it comes from technology—designers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and agencies who deliver “innovation” in human terms.  To make this happen, the world doesn’t need another huge consultancy company. We need to disrupt the traditional landscape to unleash the most powerful source.

 What it needs is a family of passionate experts,  where expertise and experience lead, owners are entrepreneurs so clients get direct access to deep talent.
We’re building just that.

No BS. We cut through the noise.

A New Way of Seeing Value.

Want to create the future? We believe a company’s performance is greatly enhanced by the investments it makes in people, communities, and the environment.

This is personal and practical

Every organization is different. For one, building a sustainable future could mean creating a new, disruptive digital product. For another, it could be a radical rethink of the way they work. We are about solving problems in fundamentally new ways.

Startup Spirit

We help you restore a startup spirit, a winning mentality. One with low complexity and politics and a high level of motivating attitudes and behaviors.

Make change happen! Now!

We are hungry and want impact as soon as possible. In times we massive changes in the world speed is key.