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Learning while doing the innovation job


Learning is a mix of coaching, training and tools. Make it your own. Design your learning as you wish. We offer you the building blocks.

Find Coaches and Builders

Make innovation happen

To meet fluctuating demand and provide a continuous stream of new ideas, skills, experiences and connections, we offer a global ecosystem of experienced coaches, trainers and innovators.
We call this Taleant, your ecosystem of workers.

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Learn any time

Learning redesigned

We offer hands-on workshops, training sessions and educational programs in an innovative way. In a mix of online, personal and workshop. You can always access your curated tools, tutorials, videos and articles.

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Experience and Engage

Adopt the Mindset

Create individualized innovation careers to empower and engage talent by offering valuable entrepreneurial experiences. In our Ontrek program, we assist you in creating individualized innovation careers; from onboarding in innovation teams, to giving people real startup and founder experience.

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Empowering people with the desire to try, to learn, to build and to reinvent

Startup Spirit

We believe that skills are important, the key to success however is to have the right mindset. The more things change, the more culture matters.

Global Ecosystem

We provide you with access to a global ecosystem of over 200 innovation experts and connect you with leading startups.

Productive Learning

A mix of online and offline learning resources to make your learning both personal and productive.

We’re changing the way organisations work with innovators

Innovation is created by people with startup spirit. All too often, initiatives fail when tools and methods are adopted without the proper mindset. It’s hard to find entrepreneurial talent and experts, and it’s even harder to hang on to them. We bring innovative talent solutions that will grow the startup spirit in your business.

We offer high-quality, flexible talent to tackle important initiatives that require specialised expertise. We have created a global innovation workforce ecosystem. 

We manage an ecosystem of independent innovators; people with startup spirit who are motivated by working in different projects and organisations. For innovation, this is especially beneficial as cross-links are made continuously between industries by default.

Your innovation will stagnate if you remain working in old-fashioned ways.

Let's start changing the way we work with innovation talent

Become part of global innovation workforce with the best experts

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