Your company grows when your people grow

If you as an employee act and think entrepreneurial, both your organisation as your personal development and career will grow Your will make real impact. We help employees to grow their innovation skills, mindsets, and careers.

Increase Innovation

Learn faster and better. Grow as a business and a person by unlocking new behaviors.

Retain Talent

Boost careers with innovation and become more interesting.

Best ROI

Coaching, training, and consulting in one fixed cost end-to-end solution.


I’m an educator and corporate changemaker dedicated to helping you do work that matters to you. I believe that we can transform our economy and our society through transforming our jobs—finding fulfillment in what we do every day.

Get into your flow
It’s that easy!

Feel confident and in control with our transformative journeys to grow your mindset and skills fast. We offer expert-curated learning paths and coaches to both individuals and teams. Entrepreneurship is a lived experience, not some theoretical construct*.

Regular coaching

Instant access to the world’s leading innovation coaches for your personal or team sessions.

Learn the skills

Get access to learning journeys, content, deep-dive sessions, and a community of vetted peers and create personalized learning.

Get things done

Work on your weekly challenges with your coach and get things done.

Curated coaches and content

Hands-on experience

Our coaches have self-experienced corporate and startup innovation.


Easy access to the best experts from our global innovation ecosystem.

Near you

Connect with your coach in person or at one of our events.


Coaches that inspire to go beyond what you think is possible

Make a much bigger impact, than you thought possible

Create immediate and sustainable value with our insights and tools.  We truly professionalize innovation from strategy to skills, from management to mindsets.


Put your learnings into practice the same day


Most learning has a low impact. We actually listen to science.


We know emotions are what either blocks or boost us.

Traditional approaches don't do what you really need

Entrepreneurship is a lived experience, not some theoretical construct*. Did you know a mind-blowing 80% of learning is forgotten within 2 weeks. Your learning speed is your only competitive advantage, and traditional methods are not ineffective. It does not take care of how it is applied. Our high-impact coaching is made to apply your learnings in the flow of work.


Innovation Managers & Leaders

Inspire talents and grow your innovation power together.


Innovators & Intrapreneurs

Grow your skills and work on future topics with leading experts and make real impact.

We connect, change minds, challenge attitudes and inspire.

We are not just training people, we are affecting culture change through experiences. We exist to help you measurably improve the performance and experience of your employees. We believe innovating should be fun & empowering. So here’s the deal. Together we can take action and make real change with respect for people and the planet. Change comes through action!

*be aware if you are looking for a slimy salespitch,
you better not sign up for this.

We help you create the conditions to shape the future...

Learn how to make your organization and individuals thrive in uncertainty through continuous experimentation and learning

Entrepreneurial programs

 We help you create the ecosystems and programs to nurture innovation.


We help you to turn your employees into creative innovators through leadership and employee development.

We help innovators grow

Want to learn how Startup Spirit can work for your business? As a collective of founders, entrepreneurs, and mission-aligned partners, we help innovators to grow their skills, mindset, and career. and inspire the world to make the change.

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