Grow your talent and change the system


supporting them to sustainable innovation and growth

Developing skills for high-growth innovation teams

To transform and innovate, you need to start with transforming and innovating individuals. Innovators are extremely valuable, but only if they are guided and situated in the right place.

Improve Skills

Learn faster and better. Grow as a business and a person.

Attract Talent

You become more interesting as an employer and employee.

Grow Engagement

Your innovation and creative power grows significantly


Our solution is simple. It keeps you from wasting money and time.

Learning speed and talent are the single critical factors. You need to cross the transfer gap.

Ask Elon Musk or Satya Nadella, they will tell you not money or tech, but your people are the single one critical factor. The traditional one-size-fits-all learning experience fails to unlock powerful learning. What is learned is rarely applied. Successfully scaling up learning that brings value requires a super learning environment that fosters mindset-based growth, is data-driven and offers choices to learn in a personalized environment.

Traditional methods can not fix that.

An 80% of learning is forgotten within 2 weeks. Traditional learning is ineffective, definitely when it comes to innovation. It neither takes care of the real impact on the job, if and how it is applied. Coaching does that job. Our high-impact coaching is a mix of training and coaching as you see in sports. We need to shift our ideas of learning and focus more on careers.

Focus on the challenges that make or break innovation

Waste of time and money

Strategy and Culture

Align on the right focus and conditions to make your people want to innovate.


Low engagement

Skills and Mindset

Lack of the right skills and mindset are a root cause for innovation not flourishing and talent leaving.


Struggling with talent

Talent Ecosystem

You can not keep and attract the right talent? Become a leader and shape real new working with the talent ecosystem and marketplace.


The crucial elements to step up your game

New thinking

Improving innovation ROI needs new thinking. Too many companies are unable to step change their impact as they are stuck with unwieldy silos between their internal teams, between central and regional power centers, and across organizational structures that make real innovation hard to deliver. It needs a paradigm-shift to reshape processes and structures to empower innovation.

Connecting the dots

We bring a unique and deep experience of helping build bridges across innovation silos and aligning teams. We help you to connect the dots end-to-end holistically across the entire innovation journey. Leveraging data as the backbone of an end-to-end approach, integrating different agency capabilities in-house, and building common understandings and objectives rather than relying only on technology as an integrator.

Focus on employee

Only people can learn fast. To innovate fast and maximize impact, you need to engage and empower your people. This requires designing an innovator-centric workplace, which is certainly not what you have today.

Embedding capabilities

Rather than relying on external parties to deliver, Startup Spirit works to help companies to build internal capabilities and embed competencies, to benefit from the high-performance end-to-end integrated innovation that is required in this age.

We enable employees to be changemakers for a sustainable future

*be aware if you are looking for a slimy salespitch,
you better not sign up for this.

Business Growth = Personal Growth


We help innovators to make to get the most out of themselves.  

We help them grow, lead and scale innovation projects and teams to achieve the results they want.


Connect with your coach and make your individual plan for your real projects.


Critical insights, knowledge and skills gaps in your organization. We open up new perspectives and fresh looks.


What you are working and focussing on now, is most probably not what you should focus on. We get that clear. 


Setup an ambitious, though realistic plan to tackle what needs to be tackled with confidence and continuously improve on it.


Activate through defined training, resources and playbooks, implemented directly into your workflow.


Arm your teams with the core skills for success, with a common language to unify as one innovation team. Report clear results.


We provide you with ongoing development, and guidance in your own everyday work to make change stick and reach your goals.


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