Dimension Beyond – VR Training
Move your limits –

Step into a new dimension of VR Collaboration & Team Work!

We love technology. We love Virtual Reality – and we like to keep it simple.

Virtual reality is successful when it is intuitive to use and clearly useful. Dimension Beyond provides low-threshold access to the virtual world, combined with a moderated workflow and expert-curated content. This method ensures that teams do what they do best: creating ideas and solutions.

Connect your team beyond time and space
Experience a simple, intuitive and playful workflow
Use the infinite possibilities of Virtual Reality

We love lateral thinkers – and tell you why.

There is no reason to accept physical limits. Dimension Beyond empowers teams to think together in the same virtual meeting and workshop space. Global project and tam work is more efficient, personal and significantly less costly with Dimension Beyond.

Our principles

Speed ​​- We do it fast and furious
Clarity – No technical obstacles, but perfect guidance in VR

Possibility – We go beyond the known, nobody is left behind

Playfulness – We make it fun to inspire and empower multi-user teams

Connectivity – Your people and ideas at one place



Dimension Beyond is a user-friendly and intuitive digital solution for collaborative work in virtual reality with interested pilot customers. The special feature: a curated and moderated process makes New Work in VR very easy. Teams are brought together in a location-independent and digital way and can focus on their topic.
Many VR Team modules on the market require users to have a great deal of practical experience in the field of virtual reality. This means a lot of time and money, the efficiency and fun are lost and the benefits remain. By contrast, Dimension Beyond focuses on clarity, focus, moderation and inspiration. The users work together more intensively and achieve extremely improved results. “This innovative concept is well received by companies that understand that it is time to integrate and empower the Generation Y and Z talents and their technical affinity, and make them tomorrow’s decision makers.


Dimension Beyond is based on the highly scalable eVRsync framework of evrbit GmbH in Cologne and is a complete in-house development. It enables a unique assistance and guidance system in Virtual Reality, which enables interactions of all participants even without previous knowledge in the VR.
Dimension Beyond works wirelessly, making it completely mobile and running on the Oculus Headsets Go, Quest and Rift, as well as on desktop environments.
eVRsync is the foundation of a stable, flexible, modular and fully customizable system built into Unity3D.

The advantages:

• Location-independent, global teamwork
• Autonomous server architecture that can be fully integrated into the enterprise
• Data security guaranteed
• Independent by optional local server infrastructure – even without Internet connections
• Possible via the assistance interface Avatar Remote Control and Supervision of the users
• The properties of the VR environment can be predefined
• 3D & 2D media integration