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Taleant provides you the skills to innovate now!

Bring in the Entrepreneurial, Startup and Corporate experience to innovate in a lean and agile way. One contract get you a wide range of skills.

Design Thinking

Develop customer centric products and create your new business success

Lean Startup

De-risk your innovation projects by running experiments and discover the solution the market is waiting for

Innovation Management

Create, improve and manage your innovation processes and unleash new ideas and products

Taleant makes it easy to find the right people. Nearby and worldwide.

We are an ecosystem of entrepreneurs that provides you the skills & mindset you need to accelerate your innovation.

Outpace competition

Do not wait till you have the expertise and experience in your company, or search endlessy for that one specialist that does not exist.

When and where you want

A lean ecosystem of on-demand experts is ready when you need it, for the jobs you need to be done.

Tailored to your needs

Independent experts are more willing to tailor engagements to your needs.

The leading ecosystem for innovators

Boost innovation in your organization now with flexible talent from our expert ecosystem


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An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

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Fast Hiring

Don’t waste weeks or months on searching for the right people. Stop wasting time on procurement by setting up one contract with us.

Entrepreneurs. No consultants.

Save time and build on the years of experience and mindset of our entrepreneurs and innovate better and faster.

Super Flexible

Hire according to your needs. Each innovation project and phase demands differents skill sets.

Finest Experts

Our experts are handpicked. We hire by referral and have close relationships with our experts.

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Dedicated support and handpicked talent.

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