Hungry for Innovation Talent?

Become part of an innovator ecosystem

To become a leader in innovation you need to redesign the way you work with, hire and engage talent.

Hiring Freelancers

Flexible and Fast

Save time and get up to speed right away. We make it simple to find and hire the right freelancers as we are part of a global ecosystem of experienced innovators with a track-record.

Hiring employees

The ultimate innovator

We recruit and match for all innovation roles within our network. Typical roles are innovators, intrapreneurs, venture builders, venture architects.

‘Be unafraid to bring new ideas to life – learn what you need to as you go, and involve the right collaborators to help you and make innovation happen’ Joi Ito

The world’s leading companies rely on Startup Spirit for their most important projects. Flexible, on-demand and at front.

Flexibility is a strategic choice. To respond fast and efficient to continious changing environment, organizations have continious changing need for special skills, knowledge and network.

We offer clients access to an exclusive network of curated professionals perfect for to solve your challenges.

Our professionals are selected based on their vast experience, entrepreneurial mindset, network and proven expertise. You will work with great team players, change agents, innovators and progressive thinkers that take you to the next level.

Innovation is created by people with startup spirit.

We offer high-quality, flexible talent to tackle important initiatives that require specialised expertise. We have created a global innovation workforce ecosystem. 

We manage an ecosystem of independent innovators; people with startup spirit who are motivated by working in different projects and organisations. For innovation, this is especially beneficial as cross-links are made continuously between industries by default.

Your innovation will stagnate if you remain working in old-fashioned ways.