Nightmare competitor session

What is the worst thing that could happen to your business?  What do you lie awake about (or should you lie awake about)? What is an item that is not on the agenda of the organization but that could structurally threaten the continued existence of your enterprise?

If you are going to build a competitor, which weaknesses would you tackle? What would a “nightmare competitor” look like?

This is gamified session, that build awareness in a confronting and fun way. In this session participates C-suite, management and employees. Teams will each create their startup in a rapid way.

Disrupt or die!

2-3 hours

Strategy Design Sprint

In one week or 5 weeks you will design your innovation strategy. The Strategy Design Sprint is an experienced based workshop and builds on top of design thinking principles. We add a number of rapid startup methodologies, so you will experience bits of Lean Startup and Agile as well.

We will kick-off with the Why, What and How your organization exists and why you are part of it. What core values are behind this. We dig into the current culture and visualize, and we will design the future culture. In this Sprint, you will gain insights in the latest technology and business trends. Do hands-on exercises, have intense dialogues and lots of fun.

The end results will be an innovation strategy, with buy-in and ambassadors throughout the organization. You will also get an action list of items to immediately tackle.

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