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Unlock the critical mindset

The real challenge is the right mindset shift  that the innovation on its own doesn’t have a high enough care-factor, but is part of larger narrative.  


What is holding you back?

1. Training and coaching are incidents
Innovation is a learning process. If training and coaching aren’t offered regularly, skills won’t be learned and attitudes will not change. We believe in hands-on in-person training and outstanding digital tools:

2. Traditional learning is not working
Most performance problems are caused by learning gaps. Great learning is “precision-made,” relevant and timely for each individual. We give employees the tools and conditions  to learn effectively.

 Mindset is the core. Why?

Innovation is a human adventure, not a single workshop

Our personal learning journeys guide employees to the critical mindset required to become innovation masters

Dealing with resistance

Innovation is change, people do not like change by default. This unleashes resistance. You will not to find ways to work with resistance.


Not online your projects is volatile but also how it is perceived and management.


The outcomes and appreciation of your innovation project are uncertain. Not having success is likely outcome.


Working on your mindset will grow the creativity.

Better and faster decisions

By working on your mindset you will be able to make better and faster decisions.

Open minded

Go beyond your comfort zone and even a step further.

 Innovation is continuous learning

A human adventure, not a single workshop

Innovation needs a new set of skills, mindset and resources. Our personal learning journeys guide employees to the critical resources required to become innovation masters

 The new learning tools?

Put the learners at the center and empower them, with the tools and conditions each needs to learn most effectively. 

Simulation-based learning

In the workshops you will experience what you need to learn. You will work on real projects.

On the job coaching

Practical experience and immediate feedback

Peer learning

If training isn’t offered regularly, skills won’t be learned and attitudes will not change. Our solution is designed for a new generation that learns differently than previous generations and gets bored easily.

Curated Content

There is an abundance of content. Finding, selecting and organizing content can be a real challenge. Our experts have selected that content and tailored to your specific needs.

Employee engagement

Shape the right conditions and culture to create meaningful careers. Attract and retain entrepreneurial employees. Engaged people drive your business forward and transform it.

Be leading, engage your employees, offer continuous innovation

With Ontrek Innovation

The only way to survive in today’s increasingly competitive landscape is having individuals in your organization who are going to be entrepreneurial, who try things that haven’t been tried before. The kind of people who are going to drive your business forward and transform itBut it’s hard to find and hire these people and it’s even harder to hang on to them.

Regular training delivers real transformation
If training isn’t offered regularly, skills won’t be learned and attitudes will not change. Consider offering training every four months. Companies need to reinforce and refresh training every few months with something new. A one-shot program will have one-shot results.

New training
Companies need to bring in new trainers who have new information and different teaching styles. Companies should also invest in new training materials to spice things up.

Have supplemental training materials
People learn by using a variety of techniques. Good training techniques require that discussions be supplemented with videos and reading materials that can reinforce the message. The old saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words” is even more relevant in today’s video age.

Take today’s young people’s learning styles into mind
The vast majority of workers are young people. They learn differently than previous generations and they get bored easily. Look at the games they play on their phones. They want to be entertained. If the training isn’t entertaining, you lose the participation.

The organization has to learn
Education and training gain the most traction within highly visible organizational change and development efforts championed by senior leaders. That’s because such efforts motivate people to learn and change; create the conditions for them to apply what they’ve studied; foster immediate improvements in individual and organizational effectiveness; and put in place systems that help sustain the learning. (HBR, Beer, Finnström, Schrader)

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