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How to use the Day planner

The day planner is a printable A4 I made myself based on the many planners and productivity tools I tested. All of them were missing something, so I tried to figure out what my best version would be like taking into account productivity and health at an equal level. It turned out to be this printed A4; great for doodling and you can throw it away.

Some explanation:

1. No more than 3 daily goals, written in clear achievable steps.

2. To Do’s: these are things that just need to be done. You can translate your goals into several to do’s and/or use them as a checklist. The open circles count for time blocks, how many did you spend? Fill those circles, so you learn how much work a to-do takes.

3. Day schedule: one’s you have set your goals and to-do’s fit them into the daily schedule. Simply use a marker or mark it with your pen.
I have identified the times when it is best to do a certain type of activity, such as meetings or deepwork (focus). The approach is based on scientific research, and should be used as guidelines.

It is structured in blocks of 25 minutes (pomodoro like) with a 5-minute break in between to get a drink, a short walk, rest, meditate, you name it as long as it is anything offscreen and off chair.

Looking at the schedule:

First gray area: meditate and organize for the day, fill out your day planner

Focus : work in a maximum of 3 blocks of in total not more than 1,5 hour for deepwork in flow.

Learn: work in a maximum of 3 blocks of in total not more than 1,5 hour for deepwork in flow.

Breaks : Take these 5-minute breaks. Your eyes and brain need off screen time. It is healthy and productive time. The brain gets time to organize and reflect. Sure you can miss one once you are in flow, but try to limit skipping them to the bare minimum.

Free: do not work! Go for a walk, have lunch, try not to absolutely minimize screentime. Socialize.

Do: this is the time where you write your mails, documents. Work together on a project.

Meet: meeting are best planned at the end of a day. This is for most people not a good time for deepwork (focus and learning).