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Download your copy of the Pitch Canvas

The Pitch Canvas is a super handy tool to start building your story, and pitch with confidence and fun. It is created based on what leading VCs see as the ideal pitch, Hollywood storytelling (3 act), and our own experience. The canvas is a guideline not a template, the order is no coincidence, but always make it your own!

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Download your copy of the Innov8rs Handbook

The Innovators handbook 2022, created by – possibly one of the best corporate innovation reads out there right now!

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Download your copy of A Crisis Innovation Guide

A guide with the crucial insights to get better out of any crisis. It will be helpful even in no-crisis situations. We tapped into psychology to find out what is blocking people from change, we uncovered ways how to better innovate.

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Download your copy of The Dayplanner Timebox

Getting up your productivity is a challenge for all. We have created a day planner that works for us. Set your goals, and put them on your day calendar. The calendar also shows what time of the day is (scientifically) the best for an activity type. Learn more here.

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A talk with Tristan Kromer on Innovation Accounting

Tristan Kromer is a thought leader in innovation. He has influenced many of the well-known names. In this video you will learn his insights on innovation accounting.

My talk at TIM (RWTH Aachen)

I speak about the hurdles of innovating in organizations at high speed.

Why Startup Spirit?

We work in the scene ourselves, we meet, and know the people who are the experts in their field. These experts train you based on the latest hands-on experiences.
We focus on whole skill design which means building experiences that account for all of the skill performance process rather than selecting discrete parts to serve (ie, just the knowledge or theory element, as is most common) and leaving the rest, like mindset, to chance. You will work with great team players, change agents, innovators, and progressive thinkers that take you to the next level.