Bring in the

 skills and mindset

We get you there with our workshops and coaching delivered by experienced and independent practitioners you normally don’t have access to.

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Innovation Masterclass

Intensive training to equip you with the essential skills, tools, techniques & mindset required to innovate products & organization.

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Lean Startup Fundamentals

Learn to apply this innovation process to gain crucial customer insights and create tangible value.

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Advanced Lean Workshop

Specialise in Lean Startup while developing your analytics, innovation, stakeholder management and business skills

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If training and coaching aren’t offered regularly, skills won’t be learned and attitudes will not change.

Become a certified innovator

In our program with Maastricht University’s triple crown business school you can become a certified innovator, innovation manager, and transformation leader. This program is offered in-house or in a group of organizations.

Our training foster:

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We work with experts that not only transfer the knowledge but also the mindset to become successful


Learning by doing is what works best


By putting things to practice and working in small groups, we provide you the best learning experience.

You will work with great team players, change agents, innovators, and progressive thinkers that take you to the next level.

Why Startup Spirit?

We work in the scene ourselves, we meet, and know the people who are the experts in their field. These experts train you based on the latest hands-on experiences.