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Our programs

Our programs provide you with the skills to create the future. People who know how to use creativity to fix things. Those who can get out and talk to real people and gauge their emotions about their problems. People who can pivot quickly. Ones who don’t mind failing over and over. People who know how to discuss their ideas. Together with leaders and academics, we have selected the most critical topics for success in the future. Old school education no longer works.

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For leaders


Leading Innovation

Leaders don’t innovate, they empower their people to innovate. One needs to go beyond traditional approaches and dig into new ways of leadership. Untangle your existing processes to unlock the power of your people. Equip your teams with authentic processes, tools, skills, and systems. We need organizations that are bold, entrepreneurial, and as nimble as change itself.  Your job is to create an organization that is as inspired and ingenious as the human beings inside them.

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Your benefits





Renown Experts

Our experts are hardened practioners. They not only transfer the knowledge but also the nitty-gritty to become successful






Work on your real projects and gain valuable practical experience with the inspiration and tools to boost innovation in your organization






Get to work on your Personal Leadership skills and disruptive thinking. Our programs are geared to change your most powerful tool, your mind.

Our approach

We believe in learning by doing, and creating experiences that go beyond transferring knowledge. We transfer the skills and mindsets required to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Drive awareness, alignment, and action across your organization and master future skills and mindset.





Skills and Mindset

We create upskilling and lifelong learning programs that bring your people together with relevant leaders and innovators from other organizations, countries and ecosystems for your success





Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our team and facilitators enable your people to become effective intrapreneurs – from unleashing their purpose to measuring their impact effectively.





Turn ideas into action

Get your people to learn and grow to rapidly turn ideas into action around topics that are crucial for your organization’s future.

Why take our programs?

Learn how to adapt, stay flexible, and continuously learn new skills and new techniques in order to succeed. Skills related to leadership, teamwork, communication, capacity for innovation and creativity, productivity, and wellness are critical to every employee’s performance.  These skills aren’t just nice to have. They are the most important skills we have in our companies. They’re essential for changing the workplace and innovation. These skills are known as Power Skills.

We are founders and innovators, we know more than anyone what you’re living through. We do not believe in just sharing theory, but the hard real-life learning. We help you to apply the right tools, techniques, strategies, and frameworks and master the essentials of innovation yourself.

Go on your own journey

We created learning journeys that are designed to achieve your career goals. We create experiences that combine more synchronous learning like programs and webinars with learning resources that you can put into practice right away. You can jump in any time, and complete it at your own pace. Organizations can either join in existing learner journeys, or create their own.

Learn the modern way – in your flow

We put the needs of learners front and center,  to fill the needs of innovative companies. There is a much-needed transition towards a learning company and we offer sustainable learning in the flow of life, for beginners and experts. Face-to-face training or digital training, location-independent, 24/7, on-demand or learning at fixed dates and course times? With a personal learning coach, in a team, or on your own responsibility?


Learn when and where you want on your desktop or mobile. Our learning blocks make it easy.


Get together and learn with your peers. Exchange insights and experiences with group members and your coach.


Meet in real life and work together on your projects. Not everything can be done online.


Everyone has their own challenges. Connect with your coach to discuss how to best apply your new skills and navigate your very own context.


We offer a library of hundreds of resources. Tools and theories you can digest and apply in minutes. They’re designed to fit into your busy schedule and support those who learn best by doing. The resources are curated and sourced directly from world-leading practitioners and experts.

* Be always comfortably ready for a rapidly changing world *

Did you know


of companies that chose business building as their main strategy grew at rates above the average of their industries.

source: McKinsey


Companies in the “Experimenters Index” (testing culture & infrastructure) perform 690% better than the S&P500 index.

Source: James Zeitler, Harvard Business School


three-quarters of HR leaders predict significant industry disruption in the next three years, but also 75% of employees do not feel engaged.

If training and coaching aren’t offered regularly, skills won’t be learned and attitudes will not change.

3 key principles for succes

To achieve success, you need the ability to think differently, to change perspectives, as well as to adapt to an environment that is constantly changing. (World Economic Forum).

Lack of the right skills and mindset are a root cause for innovation not flourishing.

The best learning experiences happen when; we people choose to learn (agency and urgency), when it is experiential (you can apply it in practice so it sticks), and is interactive (connect with coaches and peers for feedback).

“"It has been a long time since I learned so much - about a very interesting and helpful topic plus even more about myself 😉 - in just 6 and 1/2 hours (net) !"”

Dr. Dominik HeisterüberHead of Zentis Research

“Highly valuable and awesome training. We now feel far more confident to put things to practice.”

Marcella SimonsABN AMRO Bannk