Old school no longer works for entrepreneurial education

Innovation and transformation start with your people. Our programs are designed to master future skills and mindset.


supporting them to sustainable innovation and growth

Sustainable people development through individual coaching delivers a 7th fold ROI

If training and coaching aren’t offered regularly, skills won’t be learned and attitudes will not change.

Our high-impact training elements

Our training and workshops are designed for high-impact learning that lasts. A method based on the science of how people learn the best. It is best described as non-linear hybrid learning. Benefits of this disruptive method are dramatic increases in learning efficiency, as measured by the time and amount of content required to achieve a certain level of understanding. In our hands, non-linear learning is also associated with heightened self-awareness, greater confidence, and increased learner independence. 


Why Startup Spirit?

We work in the scene ourselves, we meet, and know the people who are the experts in their field. These experts train you based on the latest hands-on experiences.
We focus on whole skill design which means building experiences that account for all of the skill performance process rather than selecting discrete parts to serve (ie, just the knowledge or theory element, as is most common) and leaving the rest, like mindset, to chance. You will work with great team players, change agents, innovators, and progressive thinkers that take you to the next level.