Kids can make change happen !

We are creating a game to work with the creativity skills kids have. It enables them to create and test ideas in a rapid and fun way.


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Kids have the skills to innovate! Let them grow!

This game is a powerful and fun way to test ideas to tackle challenges in society and business. It is designed for kids and encompasses a wide set of skills. From ideation, researching, critical thinking to system thinking, cooperation, desing and drawing. We have build in options to explore even further and work on their digital skills.

The game is a working prototype, a living concept, that is evolving. So, it is not completely ready, but it is ready enough to get going and have fun.

Design Thinking

Develop customer centric products and create your new business success

Lean Startup

De-risk your innovation projects by running experiments and discover the solution the market is waiting for


Create, improve and unleash new ideas and products

A versatile game, that can be played quick and simple, or even up to building real products.


The board shows the journey from an idea through testing to an outcome. All outcomes are great, but we strive towards becoming an unicorn.


For each completed step, a sticker can be out on the scorecard.

Activity card

Each step in the game has an activity. There is a wide variety of activities from ideating to drawing. Interviewing to Prototyping.