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Make your business sustainable with Plan A
Plan A helps companies on their sustainability journey. We are building a platform that allows your business to calculate, monitor and offset its carbon footprint. The platform allows you to become more sustainable as a team with monthly action plans to reduce your negative impact on the planet and support climate action projects across the world.

Whether you are corporate or a startup, we will support you on the path to sustainability. Get early access to our platform now.


Our mission is to empower every business to join the fight against boring and inert workplaces. Whether you are an early startup or international corporate, you can be a champion for your colleagues and clients. Just get in touch.

I am an intrapreneur

and want to learn how I can enjoy work more, by growing new value through better processes and products.

I am a manager

How can I better coach and guide my teams in working with change-making and impactful projects.

I am a leader

How can I inspire and drive people to change their behavior and create more value together.